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An A4-sized Animated RUNNING MAN team Clutch Purse for Erma Fatihah
A Customized RUNNING Man team Clutch Purse for Aefa Aerisya
  Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse
  Mini Zoo, the Clutch Purses for Salina & Shabana
Tote Bags & Experimental Purses for Dini and Fatin
  A Brown-haired Guy with His Lomo & 7-must Travel Places
  My Fav London Sketch
Greetings from London
  Mini Zoo, the Organizer
  Runway Vintage Rabbits
Cats, Here and There
  Chaz's Canvas Tote Bag
  Poison Cupcakes by the Kitty
  Says Who... We Can't Walk on Rainbow?
  Technology Ruins Romance
  2-Way IV Clutch for Erma
  A4, the Clutch Purse Series
  Block, the Clutch
  Block, the Clutch

(These were end-products of mine; from most recent to the 1st I produced)