Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY #3: How to Sew an extremely simple Fridge Cover

Hello. How's your day?

          I am posting my 3rd DIY Tutorial on how to sew an extremely simple FRIDGE COVER. This piece that I produced was actually for someone who requested me to sew her curtain for her hall. She is a neighbour btw. It was my mom's idea to give this Fridge Cover as a complimentary to the whole curtain set. So this is it...

You will need Outer Fabric (of your choice, mine was THE curtain fabric),
Inner Fabric (cotton will do, a no-no to "slippery" fabric as you don't want the piece to slide when there's mass in the pocket or when the wind blows),
a 4mm thick Sponge layer (you can skip this if you want to)
and Curtain Embellishments (from any fabric store and you can skip this as well)

*Tips #1: Please add some 0.5" for every edges of cut fabric for allowances*
Prepare each set of these for Outer Body and Inner Body:
1 piece of 20" x 44" (main body)
2 pieces of 20" x 9" (pockets)
And then, for the 4mm Sponge piece, prepare:
1 piece of 20" x 22"

Place the sponge piece at the middle of the main body of Outer Fabric (wrong side facing you); this is to add body to the Fridge cover when placed on top of the fridge, however you can skip this part, if you wish to wuhuu
Then, place the main body of Inner Fabric on top of the prev combination (right side facing you).
Fold the Outer and Inner Fabric inside and pin'em along the 4 edges.

Sew all the pinned edges.
You may want to place the sewing foot to the edge of the body like the above and start sewing.

As for the pocket body, place both Outer and Inner Fabric (for pocket) with the right sides facing each other, and pin along the dotted lines leaving an 8" gap (for turning the sewn pocket inside out later).
Then, do turn the piece inside out thru the gap and pin the gap's hem. And sew (again) along the 4 edges. You will get 2 pieces of pocket.

Place each of prev. sewn pocket at each end of the Fridge Cover body and pin along the dotted lines like the above. Sew'em.
*Tips #2: Do sew beyond the pocket's opening edge to secure the body (once you place mass into them later in the future)*

Now, place the curtain embellishments at the end of the main body (on top of each sewn pockets) and cut to desired length (together with about 1.5" allowances).
Make sure to double-fold the end to hid the hem and to avoid future fraying.
Pin'em and sew along.

I did place them on my fridge for photo purposes (this piece has landed at the owner's by the time this entry is published)
There are 3 side pockets at each side.

The wrong sides of finished Fridge Cover and the pockets!

              Wish you luck on trying this tutorial! (oh do link me if you made one hehee, I would love to see them!).