Saturday, October 5, 2013

Totes for Dini & Fatin who Dropped by at My Place Today

Hello peeps. Hello Dini and Fatin.

Today was so special as I have both Dini and Fatin visiting me and treating me lunch-s (the 's' is for 2 sets of lunch meal for us hihihi~) at nearby Tesco Ampang's Enak and Warung Santai. The food were good as usual with Fatin (and me as well) trying a Durian Cendol with Gula Melaka at Enak's for the first time, and the word was...WOW! It was a kaw-kaw Durian paste! I am not myself an avid fan of Durian but that dish was awesome-powsome let me tell ya. Unfortunately, we did not snap any photo as we were too keen on catching up with each other. Maybe a next time, perhaps. Later on, they dropped by at my place for Zuhur prayer and me, sew on something for them as a humble gesture of gratitude for their visit (and treat). Oh how I really miss them and their exuberant-cy and zest-iness and joie-de-vivre... and I've already miss them by this moment~

       So I made them a simple (and quick; as they were here only for a while) tote bag of "Imagination Horseseach and let them choose a few experimental attempts of tiny tiny purses that I made few days ago. Why it is experimental? Because I am experimenting on the stitching techniques and the neat-ness of finishing. Am so glad for their fond-ness of all those products (despite the experimental situations)! Love you guys lah... (if you have noticed, I found myself new background staple in these photos downstairs at the playground!!! Thanks to these 2 hot ladies for discovering it!)...

2 Hotties - Fatin and Dini!
I've cropped myself as I am way too double-chin to be published bahaha~

This is the first Experimental Attempt - the front view
It is about of 5"x 5" x 1"

The first Experimental Attempt - the back view

This is the second Experimental Attempt - the front view
About 6" x 6" (flat i.e. no depths)

Second Experimental Attempt - back view
Rotate clockwise, un-zip the'll find the folded Star of Today:

The Simple & Quick Tote Bags for Dini and Fatin!
It is of about 12" x 18" with my usual Cotton Webbing
Perfecto de Amor for toting telekung set or as reusable bag during groceries

          Oh! I'm running out of Cotton Webbing by now! Need a quick visit to Jalan TAR's Bunga Riben next Monday perhaps. See you there~