Friday, June 28, 2013

Custom-Made Clutch Purse for Ila Sharani

Good Day Mate~

          As requested by a friend, Ila, here is her Clutch Purse (based on designs forwarded to me earlier)...

a pile of old-school Carte Postale...well in French of course!

technology ruins romance...yup, have no possible excuse to disagree with it

so this is the end product; the front

the back

 with half metal ring to cling some keychain on

with red stripe inner + red zipper

what? a second piece???'s a complimentary freebie for Ila; a keychain hiuhiu

          Hoping so so so much that Ila will love this piece dearly (kindly bear in mind that I am using my bare hand and will not, eventually, duplicate the image at a 100% degree; try my very best to sketch the exact same image with a slight "ini corak" error, hiuhiu, well, kata one-of-a-kind kenhhh).

          For ya out there, feel free to email me on requesting custom made clutch purse like this one (I will only produce after consultation on the given image; with no obscenity, no political-related, no racism-related, no copyright or trademark-related, etc. that kinda will offend anyone on our planet either way, please be kind to everyone and spread the love hun!yihaaa) 



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maternity Cozy Pillow #2 (as requested) & other Maternity Cozy Pillows *ALL SOLD OUT*


           Ok. So this is the 2nd Maternity Cozy Pillow as per requested by my neighbour's friend (this one have been delivered to the owner)...yihaaa~

Japanese cotton on the front & plain cotton on the back

          And these are 3 mama pillows up for grab (of English cotton on the front and normal cotton on the back)...




           Well, these pillows are as named, (1) to support preggars while sleeping or sitting or even nursing. Fortunately, they also (2) very assisting for those who constantly suffering from ergonomic back pains or those who are glad enough (3) to maintain their very own good posture during sleeping/sitting/etc.

          Please leave me an email (to for inquiries. And there is ONLY 1 unit each.


1. inner pillow fabric is of synthetic polyester chiffon
2. with normal zipper
3 .prices are without postage; i.e. NO POST DELIVERY for the moment
4. pick up points; TESCO Ampang, AEON (Jusco) Maluri, AEON Big (Carrefour) Jalan Peel & other points will be based on convenience
5. Mode of payment; Internet banking or ATM cash deposit (Maybank, RHB) i.e. submit/notify proof of payment before delivery could be made

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IV-2-way Clutch

This is a quick post.

          So, I bought this piece of chilli red faux leather fabric from nearby fabric store in town, and was wondering, "hmm...what can I produce from this hot thingy?" Hearing this question in my mind (ok, out loud, literally haha), my newly-wed-bestie requested for a similar huge clutch bag as mine, well, Block, the Clutch...remember her? Thus, this is the end result...

 *thus it fits a uni scroll + a fat doc folder
*with cute jacket zipper
*vintage inner fabric
*and half metal ring to cling on your keychain or finger or what-so-ever that you'd like to hihi

fold her into 2 and voila...a smaller clutch to kepit under your tiax oalalala~ 

          To whom it may concern, please shower this cutie with lotsa lotsa love + attention (I mean it hahaha)....ok I am not quite stable tonite...had a redbull and it drives me nuts wingwingwing~ (too much sugar in my veins unfortunately, tingtong!)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maternity Cozy Pillow

Bidan Terjun.period.

Hi guys,

          This is something that I don't actually sew, however, due to a request from a neighbour, I made this Maternity Cozy Pillow for her (to help her sleep well at night, well, she's 6 months preggar btw, with a 3rd child, having too much of back pain & what-so-ever at night, poor her, I will never understand any of these, well, not yet~). I never sew something this big before (actually...I never heard of it before wahaha), so it is quite a challenge to start measuring something huge. And also quite a challenge to fill in the fillings of almost 3 normal sized bed pillows into it, phewww. Finally...

this is it...with a purplish flowery front & vibrant pink on the back

          Done in 2 days (giving that, all materials are in place). Well, I need to re-measure this pillow for later request as the back width is kinda too small to place mommy's back against it. But love the front appendages (I just don't know what to call these thingies hahaha) where it is just too comfy to place your face on it (well of course I tested it first, and ended up almost slept on it la-lala~).
          I am now working on the 2nd piece of this pillow for my neighbour's friend. Hoping for better and better end products! Ganbatte neh!

p/s: I produce on request and ONLY for COD at certain pickup points.
Till then, toodles~

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cuties off the shelves! Get them while you can! *ALL SOLD OUT*

Hola guys~

          Yup, it has been a fortnight since I left this column in pause. Well, I'm back in action and have a few things to let go. Well, inspired by everyday life events, I managed to come out with these cuties (plus previous cuties):

RM 35 (postage included)

RM 35 (postage included)
(esp. for 80's babies like me yeayyy~)

RM 35 (postage included)
(my fav!yummm)

the inner for these three musketeers

RM 35 (postage included)
 (love this too, three, four, five yadayadayada)

the inner

RM 35 (postage included)
(dedicated to all tailors, whole-wide-world)

the inner

          Though I love them to death, I have to let go as, obviously, how can I sport them all at once? (I wanted to but I can't give equal attention to each and every of them! haha greedy me~). Thus, it either I sport all at once or let them fly away and make new owner/s proud mama/s (or papa/s)~ Well the second sounds more rational and... not ridiculous, aite? lalala~

          Thus, as mentioned above, I am letting them go at RM 35 each with postage included. (I'll update the "cop" aka reservation as current as I could be, no worries). If there is any enthusiast out there from outside my Malaysia, feel free to let me know bout the package.

          Feel free to knock my mail ( for any inquiries (on anything; reservations, requests, payment methods etc.). Appreciate it to ask me questions thru my mail ONLY for this time being. Mmmuahhh~

P/S: Only for serious and wholehearted future owner/s~ XOXO feya!



btw, here are sneak peeks on the other 2 sisters that are in the run (well, ran out of ink weehuuuu)

Noonyte peeps!~