:: I am Beskot ::

:: I AM ::

* mad about fabrics
* a markers-lover; esp Sharpies
* a (week-end) sketch-er. Sketching is a therapy for me; I sometimes sketch based on request; do knock on my door for any inquiries; now I sketch only on weekends due to my real-life profession tihee~
* (refer to #1, #2 & #3) currently utilizing my beloved Sharpies on drab fabric; yep I (hand-)sketch on fabric
* a manual driver
* extremely unpredictable; I cant even predict myself at times
* a part-time fighter, full-time survivor;  I am quite aggressive due to these, 1 former lecturer labelled me "robust". Up till today I still can't brain whether it is of good or bad
* a minor claustrophobic; I just can't workout in the gym
* shy. well, the photo there doesn't count, isn't it? la-lala~
* not a mother nor a wife from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hehe~

p/s#1: I can be contacted via email at fairuzabdulhalim@gmail.com

p/s#2: I (hand-)sketch on clutches/totes/customized products *click here* of  which I'm the one sewing them and I sell them. Feel free to ask me any inquiry~