Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doodle Me!


          This is me, on my latest post, returning to my beloved pencil-sketch. I am so loving my pencil-sketch ing every now and then (euwww... bragging lol) as I am still a beginner at  sketching with colors (i.e. markers). 

I reckon this was of 3 years ago... ehem, I meant the photo, the sketch was last night~

          If you guys notice, yup, that is my mark on the middle of my forehead, nope, it is not any acne, nor a mole nor a birthmark, yet, it was due to chickenpox' scar. Correctamundo, I had THE SCAR right on the middle of my projecting out forehead, haha, Malays will say "dahi jendol"~ What do you guys say bout this doodle? or even the scar if you wanted to~ tihehee

Lotsa Lav~