Friday, October 25, 2013

Aefa Aerisya's Customized Running Man A4 Clutch Purse

Hello peeps. Hello Aefa Aerisya.

It has a been a while since I sketch anything. Well, I am more in the mood to sew rather than sketch these few weeks back. I might as well need to replace my tagline from "A Hand-Sketch Enthusiast" to "A Sewing Enthusiast". ohoho. Frankly I am between these both, torn between'em. However I would ultimately regard myself as the predominant title. *wink wink*...

          Alright, BACK TO THE ENTRY, today I finalized a product for a customer from East Malaysia, Aefa from Memory Lane. She is an avid fan aka kipas-susah-nak-mati of Korean Entertainment Industry and of course, she requested me to sketch RM (Running Man team) on the product. Oh ya, she asked for an A4 Clutch Purse with a brilliantly creative idea of donning the RM concept of pulling the back name Velcro sticker tag.

          Well, if any of you watch Korean show occasionally or full-time, you will definitely digest what I have mentioned just now wuhuu (I doubt Malaysian would not know this... and to be honest, I may be the only Malaysian who does not watch Korean on TV a lot... err... I am not authorized to dominate the remote control at home, sedih... sigh~). Scroll down to know more about the product...

 The Running Man team on the go! 
(I recognized only 2 members here... Kim Jong Kook & HaHa wuhuuu well... not bad for me huh?~)

The front - all 8 members of RM

The back - this is the brilliant idea of Aefa's that I mentioned before!

See... the Velcro sticker! I am loving this concept.

Tadaa... a pull-out name tag of AEFA AERISYA's
(Aefa, the sticker is quite "strong" huhuhu you might have to apply a full force to pull it off~ just a friendly reminder ni)

A familiar cotton webbing & half metal ring

I am using red normal zipper & matching red stripes inner fabric

This is something new I incorporate (wow!) in sewing clutch purses
A wide matching pocket to store phones etc.

          I am about to Poslaju this baby in a few hours time! Watch out for your mail Aefa!!! wuhuu... Hoping so much you'll love this baby dearly~~~

**Status: ARRIVED on Monday, 28th Oct 2013**