Monday, May 13, 2013

Of Shaggy Pillows & Block, the Clutch

Good day maite!

     Before Envelope, the Clutch, I managed to create a few inventions (inventions lah sangat~) as a way to channel out my energy within me (tetnenenettenettt...bwahaha I'm a superhero y'know =p). There are a few, to name, Shaggy Pillows and also my beloved Block, the Clutch which was inspired by Mondrian art design. Well, for the time being, I am producing the pillows based on request, however I am still considering to sell off the clutch. I may need some feedbacks from y'alls before I can further market my products here. =)

 rectangles of jersey fabrics; of A grade & B grade

officially my work station~
(need to improve the ergonomics though)

cant get enough of the fluffiness of these~

1st trial of block felt-ing for a friend Xai Comot and her small family
(not quite satisfy with the result =(...this was way out of my finesse but I'll experience everything to express my art)

a try out that came out looking like a French flag in the end. Either way, this is super cute with zipper in the center! =p

and this is the front view. Fluffinesssss~

a Mondrian-inspired clutch (that is way too cool to let it go~)

it is of (almost) the size of an A3 paper and I usually fold her into 2 into a smaller clutch. (I'll use a non-folded Block, the Clutch as a document bag to carry my Uni scroll + docs file + etc. during interviews...heeee to cute not to peek at her in public).

          And as of right now, I am in the progress of producing another piece of art. I'll attach a part of them for you to peek and guess. 

I have a thought that some of you peeps have already think of something in mind, aite? yeayyy~ 

Till then, peeps. Muahhhh~