Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Up-Close Peek on My Fav London-Inspired Sketching

Hello All!

          Had a feeling on this kinda urge on publishing an up-close peeks on my fav London-Inspired Sketching. Well lav'em to bits till I'm thinking of not giving it away...bahaha tamak haloba ye rakan-rakan!

my favs

The classic telephone booth

Big Ben with detailings (woops hit by a bus on the upper part huhu)

London Iconic bus (with upper part of Big Ben of course hihi)

Welsh Guard on duty with rosy cheeks in sweet. comel jek~

Last one... London Eye with gigantic balloons (well I accidentally scribbled a micro paint of red on that part (refer prev post to find out where on earth that mark was) where i end up with balloons to make it some kind of romantic woohoo...naseb baik!!!)