Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IV-2-way Clutch

This is a quick post.

          So, I bought this piece of chilli red faux leather fabric from nearby fabric store in town, and was wondering, "hmm...what can I produce from this hot thingy?" Hearing this question in my mind (ok, out loud, literally haha), my newly-wed-bestie requested for a similar huge clutch bag as mine, well, Block, the Clutch...remember her? Thus, this is the end result...

 *thus it fits a uni scroll + a fat doc folder
*with cute jacket zipper
*vintage inner fabric
*and half metal ring to cling on your keychain or finger or what-so-ever that you'd like to hihi

fold her into 2 and voila...a smaller clutch to kepit under your tiax oalalala~ 

          To whom it may concern, please shower this cutie with lotsa lotsa love + attention (I mean it hahaha)....ok I am not quite stable tonite...had a redbull and it drives me nuts wingwingwing~ (too much sugar in my veins unfortunately, tingtong!)