Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Hipster Faux Leather Clutch Purse!

Hello Again!
I am in the mood to sew things wuhuu! 

Apart from Clutch Purses that I made for Salina and Shabana,I made myself a gigantic Clutch Purse made out of faux leather purchased from Kamdar. So I named it "Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" as it spells chic-ness & hipster-ness as soon as you eye this baby. This is literally to replace my "Block, the Clutch" that aged and fray-ed due to everyday wear & tear. I thought of re-doing the whole precedent clutch but I ended up in destroying the shape! Thus, I hunt for fabric and discover the brown faux leather so I decided to make a huge Clutch Purse to hoard things along where ever I go tiheee~

"Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" - the front view, folded into 2
It is of 16" x 16" (non-folded)
And of 16" x 9" (folded)

"Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" - the not-so-side-view, folded into 2
I used a thick Khaki Cotton Webbing to fasten the clutch with 2 half metal rings

"Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" - the front view, non-folded

So this is the "Separating Zipper" from "Block, the Clutch"

This is Me sporting "Hipster, the Clutch Purse" today.
I am also sporting a Camera-Necklace, a dear gift from my dear friend Syazwani from Si Arnab Gemok