Thursday, September 12, 2013

This is a Statement. Ila Sharani, is Indeed, My Regular Customer. woot woot~

Hi peeps. And hi Ila.

          So far, in records, Ila has successfully owned 3 products of OBIB which are the 1st "Technology Ruins Romance", the A4 Clutch Purse, a Maternity Cozy Pillow (refer Maternity Cozy Pillow#5) and as of today (well, I finalized the progress, haven't poslaju it yet wehuu).... tadaa.... a 2nd Clutch Purse she requested quite a while ago (lalala apologize for any inconveniences caused ye cik Ila). Ok, stop the rambling, this one is quite unique because it is slightly bigger than a normal A4 sized clutch purse that I produce in the plant (ok exaggerating sangat... mentang-mentang dahulukala menetap dalam kilang kan bahaha), it is of 350mm X 260mm. Take a look:

in case any of you peeps ask... it is the upper one, I use the other one to figure out the aesthetic of colors. see below:

a rainbow of sharpies 

kan dah kata... a cheapskate I am. I don't utilize those modern, exquisite tools to sketch or to hold on fabric while I do the sketch... bought those metal peg clips at DIY Aeon Big Maluri for RM 2.30 (6pcs though the packaging clearly printed out to be 8pcs...ya whatevur)

Yeayyy fell in lav with the back sketch! 

well, due to low quality of my phone camera... I scanned the end sketch as alternative to bad camera image... this is part of the back (tak muat scan the whole picture sbb scanner A4 sized lol)

          So, this is it... the finalized product #3 for Ila Sharani -->

The front - a brown haired dude holding his Lomo

The back - a bunch of Polaroid photos clipped on wooden string

The red zipper as always

The sweet romantic inner fabric (this is this fabric #3) with 2 side pockets to complete the whole scene

The metal half ring with hook for keychaining purposes- as always

          Hope Ila will lav this one also. Big sis to her previous clutch purse, wehuuu~

Till then!