Saturday, October 19, 2013

Clutch Purses for Salina & Shabana this Weekend!

Hola Guys. Hola Salina and Shabana Sabrina Azhar 
(I just love pronouncing her entire registered name huhu it do sounds perfect for each other).

Today I got a chance to meet up and catch up with another 2 of my best buddies; Salina and Shabana! And we had lunch at Berjaya Times Square's Secret Recipe. Thank you so much Ina for treating us lunch! Kenyang walau makan laju-laju huhu. We were in a hurry as Bana was in her 1-hour lunch break (she's a manager in training in H&M Malaysia). Afterwards, Salina and I followed Bana to H&M (well... almost run to be exact! Time was ahead of us and Bana needs to "punch" her card). We arrived (short of breath bahaha) at Kids Section and wander around for few stuff and peeking at Bana while she's on duty wuhuu. The meeting was extremely short but we had fun chit-chatting and laughing all the way. 

          Same as previous, I made these 2 hotties each, a "Mini Zoo, the Clutch Purse" (if any of you is my humble blog avid reader, you'll notice this is this range but in a clutch purse version weee...). Both are of similar design and measurement but different stitching methods for the inner fabric (after all, no one really gaze at the inside, aite? do you? huhuu). I let them chose either one for themselves. One is of obvious hem (on the inside of the clutch) and another one of hidden hem. Either way, they are identical twins! So this is it...

"Mini Zoo, the Clutch Purse" - front view, folded into 2
It is of 13" x 16" (non-folded)
It is of 13" x 9" (folded)
The upper part is Mini Zoo linen 
The lower part (orange) is plain linen

"Mini Zoo, the Clutch Purse" - not-so-side-view, folded into 2

"Mini Zoo, the Clutch Purse" - front view, unfold

"Mini Zoo, the Clutch Purse" - not-so-side-view, unfold

The inner fabric is Daiso's Polyester.
It is with gray normal zipper.

As usual, mini Cotton Webbing accompanied by half metal ring to cling on keychains
Perfect to tote these Clutch Purses under their tiaks. hehe~

Shabana & Salina with Me in the middle at Berjaya Times Square 
(ya I know...finally right? A photo of me lalala~)

Salina & Me at H&M

Shabana while on duty (this was Salina's job for snapping curi-curi photo of her haha 
*raise my two hands*no... saya tak bersalah*

Purchased these Iron-on Patches at RM 12.90/3pieces

          Hope they tote these babies with them every single day! Oh we had so much fun in H&M just now! Am going to consult Bana for fabric inventory and register in the future!!!