Friday, September 6, 2013

A Custom-Made B-day Prezzie for Erma's Sis-in-Law

Hallu guys, been almost a month since last post. yep been a sloth recently. what-to-do.

          So, haven't done so much during this hiatus period unless another shy Maternity Pillow for Erma, nope "belom ada isi yet", just a precaution olalala~... 

          This is another custom-made Clutch Purse upon Erma's request for her SIL's B-day. So, she gave me a "curik" photo from the SIL's facebook, well, during her visit to London last month I reckon. And I tried my best to sketch almost 80% of the exact photo and Erma let me hat on my thinking cap to come out with some London-inspired sketch on the back (well, of course the SIL went there trololol) here it is...

This is the SIL on a bus in London, exploring London...'s guide brochure hehee

The 1st process of sketching... hey do you notice somebody here... "Hi I'm Mini Zoo...remember me?"

This is my 90% exact sketch...always love my pencil-sketches *self-proclaimed lagi*

The 2nd process...filling in color where the percentage drops to 80%...sigh... how I wish I could do better with colors~

Ideas for the back of the clutch purse - London-inspired icons

Some more....

... and some more... my fav are the iconic Telephone booth + the bus + Big Ben!

Yeayyy! Fin! The SIL exploring London guide brochure on the front

All London icons on the back - the classic telephone booth, Harrods, "Underground" tube, Welsh Guard, a black umbrella, London Bus, London Eye, "Would'ya have some tea darling?" set of teapot and teacup, iconic hat, and Big Ben! phewww....banyak!

A chili red zipper and inner fabric (this is this fabric the no. 1)

Erma requested a double pockets for smartphones yadayadayada. hiks.

Hope Erma and her SIL will love this surprise.

Till then! emuahhh~