Monday, May 27, 2013

A Hand-Sketch Wedding Gift

Hola peeps~

          Ok this is a special edition of the A4 Clutch Series...Life Printer, the Clutch (click here please~)...I made this into reality for my bestie who is going to be wedded in hmm...less than a week from now! There is a love-hate relationship going on with this piece as there are parts that mesmerize me with some other parts annoy me a lot huhu (sorry Baby~ hope you & WS like it!)

the sketching process...I'm in a quest of finding a very very fine fabric marker or pen to get small detailings done in the future - this is what annoys me along the way

the filling process - as you can see is a photo comes out of a printer...try to make it cute btw   la-lala~

the front

the back

the inner - note that I use red zipper to match it up with a red stripe lining...and Baby's watching hihi

so this is it...Life Printer, the Clutch

          Hoping demm much that both of them will love this small gift of mine to them~ can't wait this coming 1st of June...that's the keramat date...

          Btw, I'm heading to Kuala Terengganu for the whole week for Baby's reception in the wee hours this morning. Hiatussss again hihihi.

Till then, nite uols~

Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY-ing my first (well...DIY) Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera

          Honestly, I never thought of a feeling (of) being an engineer (or something) before as I don't come from that part of world...I am from the other part where nobody cares (alololo self-sympathizing). But then, after completing the assemble of this DIY Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera that I bought from Lazada, I actually got that engineer kinda feeling...However I did frantically suffer in the first place to achieve the satisfaction in the end wihuuu....Here's a peek at what I've been doing for the whole day, yup repeat after me...THE WHOLE DAY (only managed to publish photos of disassembly and reassembly after I screwed an inner part too tight that the spring mechanism was not functioning properly)...

disassembling & reassembling in the process

done! these are the assistants for today

...and the process of installing a film negative into the camera. Done!

          The manufacturer recommends a whole hour to get things done and unfortunately I completed the assembly process for about 3 hours, adding a 2 hours break and another 1 and a half hour of disassembling & reassembling (yup, imagine all that...huhh~). Overall, totally satisfied that I done all these by myself even far more than that of suggested time hihi...

          I'm going to use it for next week reception in Kuala Terengganu. Can't wait for the results! (Hmm, thinking of giving this baby a cute cover stained by Sharpies later...wait for it!)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Hand (-bouquet) for my Bestie's Big Day

Been a few days in hiatus mode (again!).

          Well, I've been finalizing the requested Shaggy pillows 1 happy owner so far, 2 more to go.weee~

          In the meantime, I spared some time to produce this lovely and romantic hand bouquet for a bride-to-be in 2 weeks...Erma my soulmate (who is going to be a wifey very soon...truly happy for her and also devastated in the same time...she'll reside somewhere quite far from where we are right now, I'll miss her terribly later....wuuuu~)

...see...the bunny is in the emo mode as well...

          What ever it is, I hope for the best in life afterwards for her, until Jannah, InsyaAllah. And this is a sneak peek of what I've been busy with for a tiny tiny part in her reception in 2 weeks time...

a palm-sized fabric flower

oh ya...this is the assistant of mine...(that burnt my fingers almost all the time...ha-ha)

          Btw, this is inspired by a tutorial I found by asking pokcik google. I'll catch up with the final product later. Till then~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A4, the Clutch Series

Well, finally.

          These are my babies! Wouldn't you just adore the minimalistic features that they carry. The first of the series was Envelope, the Clutch, and these are the other 3 sisters~

 So this was the first step : sketching on drab fabric with le sharpies

1. Audrey, the Clutch
(inspired by infamous primadonna pose; Audrey Hepburn's)

2. Demo Tape, the Clutch
(80s babies will definitely get my point! =p)

3. bi-Polaroid, the Clutch
(inspired by a Polaroid Supercolor. Love this the most!)

          Doing this series was a whole lots of fun and imagination came along quite astonishingly (wow!). I just bear in  mind...*think of something classic, your childhood memories yadayadayada*...and poofff~it became coco nope...A4, the Clutch Series!yihaaaa~

 *do the Tuzki bunny dance*

          I am thinking of producing some more with a certain number for each design and market it off...perhaps etsy, I don't know, well it do sound cool to me. What do you think? I might kick start real soon after I go and hunt down the raw materials for this series (and maybe, other series as well?).

          Before I hit the publish button, well here's another photos of this series. Till then, toodles~

Monday, May 13, 2013

Of Shaggy Pillows & Block, the Clutch

Good day maite!

     Before Envelope, the Clutch, I managed to create a few inventions (inventions lah sangat~) as a way to channel out my energy within me (tetnenenettenettt...bwahaha I'm a superhero y'know =p). There are a few, to name, Shaggy Pillows and also my beloved Block, the Clutch which was inspired by Mondrian art design. Well, for the time being, I am producing the pillows based on request, however I am still considering to sell off the clutch. I may need some feedbacks from y'alls before I can further market my products here. =)

 rectangles of jersey fabrics; of A grade & B grade

officially my work station~
(need to improve the ergonomics though)

cant get enough of the fluffiness of these~

1st trial of block felt-ing for a friend Xai Comot and her small family
(not quite satisfy with the result =(...this was way out of my finesse but I'll experience everything to express my art)

a try out that came out looking like a French flag in the end. Either way, this is super cute with zipper in the center! =p

and this is the front view. Fluffinesssss~

a Mondrian-inspired clutch (that is way too cool to let it go~)

it is of (almost) the size of an A3 paper and I usually fold her into 2 into a smaller clutch. (I'll use a non-folded Block, the Clutch as a document bag to carry my Uni scroll + docs file + etc. during interviews...heeee to cute not to peek at her in public).

          And as of right now, I am in the progress of producing another piece of art. I'll attach a part of them for you to peek and guess. 

I have a thought that some of you peeps have already think of something in mind, aite? yeayyy~ 

Till then, peeps. Muahhhh~

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hola peeps~

          To be honest this is the first ever post of mine since I generated THE-BLOG dating back in 2010 (ya lame of me...when was that? like in T-rex period?...). There is a 3 years gap of hiatus since then, marking the inability of me, myself to have commitment in staying in doing any one thing at one time. Yup, I have issues with focusing and the fluctuation of my mood. wahaha. Fret not, I am not going to babble till the end of the world about my manner or what so ever (well, at least not for this time being kihkih). I am writing this first ever post to publish my long-last hobby...of SKETCHING!

sharpies at a total of rm40.50...(T_T)

 first clutch sketch --> Envelope, the Clutch  (forgetting of letting you peeps know that I made a clutch out of my sketch on drab fabric~)
the sexy back

 the front

the content (indicating the size of an A4 paper)

 the inner

          Oh, btw, I gave this piece to my bestie Erma aka Baby yesterday during our date to Jalan TAR to quest a few items for her big day, which is less than a month from today to be exact. Hope for the best for her and her beau on that day!XOXO