Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maternity Cozy Pillow #2 (as requested) & other Maternity Cozy Pillows *ALL SOLD OUT*


           Ok. So this is the 2nd Maternity Cozy Pillow as per requested by my neighbour's friend (this one have been delivered to the owner)...yihaaa~

Japanese cotton on the front & plain cotton on the back

          And these are 3 mama pillows up for grab (of English cotton on the front and normal cotton on the back)...




           Well, these pillows are as named, (1) to support preggars while sleeping or sitting or even nursing. Fortunately, they also (2) very assisting for those who constantly suffering from ergonomic back pains or those who are glad enough (3) to maintain their very own good posture during sleeping/sitting/etc.

          Please leave me an email (to for inquiries. And there is ONLY 1 unit each.


1. inner pillow fabric is of synthetic polyester chiffon
2. with normal zipper
3 .prices are without postage; i.e. NO POST DELIVERY for the moment
4. pick up points; TESCO Ampang, AEON (Jusco) Maluri, AEON Big (Carrefour) Jalan Peel & other points will be based on convenience
5. Mode of payment; Internet banking or ATM cash deposit (Maybank, RHB) i.e. submit/notify proof of payment before delivery could be made