Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Erma Fatihah's RUNNING Man team Clutch Purse with Velcro Sticker Tag

Hello guys. Hello Erma Fatihahhuhu~

This will be the 3rd RunningMan (RM) concept clutch purse I have ever produced so far, there is definitely a market for these in Malaysia! Well frankly, to be honest... I should have finalize Ila Sharani's Tote Bag project first before this one, however due to shortage of materials, I need to finish this clutch purse beforehand in order to replenish the vital inks for Ila's tote project (stay tuned for this project as it will be the biggest ever project done by Beskot aka me huhu~)

          So, the first Running Man concept clutch purse would be *this one*, a customized clutch purse with RM team on the back and Taylor Swift on the front. It was Syazwani from *Si Arnab Gemoklittle cousin's request
          The second would be *this one*, an A4 clutch purse with Velcro sticker name tag concept on the back, creatively requested by Aefa Aerisya from *Memory Lane*. She is an avid fan of Korean Entertainment Industry specially RM! The Velcro sticker name tag spells kipas-susah-nak-mati itself and she even have her own RM t-shirt with the same name tag concept! Awesome!

          Thus this is the third, RM concept A4 Clutch purse requested by Erma for herself. *Thiswas previous project for her SIL's birthday prezzie; "London Greetings". Oh ya, we're adopting Aefa's RM Clutch Purse concept, check these out...

 The Front - animated RM team karaoke-ing
This is just too cute to digest

The Back - RM logo on the Velcro sticker

Pull a lil bit with full force lalala~

A pull off logo

A close up view on the logo sticker tag

Cotton webbing & Half metal ring

This time around, I used a Teal-colored normal zipper with pink-blue inner fabric

One-sided pocket to store phones etc.

          Now, I will let you eye on a close up view of the animated RM characters. I did render them based on the provided photo "lighting shadow". A nice experience on experimenting the shadow technique!

Err... someone help me with these character's name? huhu
Ok, Aefa helped me with their names just now...
So this will be Haha & Jongkook

and these are Kwangsoo & Sukjin

... and Jaesuk, Jihyo & Gary

  **Status: ARRIVED on 6th Nov 2013**

Saturday, November 2, 2013

TIME MACHINE::PART III:: Nostalgic Sketching - Adult Artwork

I noticed that I sketch less these days. Might be due to of real-life-work that we all human require to survive our everyday breath. wow what an excuse. However, because my real-life-job does not relate at all to my sketching hobby, it do takes a toll on my numbers of pieces and the quality. hmm, what-to-do... bahaha. Fret not, I do produce once in a while once I am in the mood or inspired by something and most all all, ONCE I AM IN BOREDOM~

 A classic one-hole paper puncher found at a government's office where I spent less than 2 months part-timing as an N17 before. 

During the same period, once I hit the boredom bell.
I do believe that is a Nivea lotion bottle huhu

One of my favourites  - a Staple

Another fav - my old mini 1GB thumbdrive I bought during Uni years 
The upper animated character relates to my field, if you could guess'em lalala~

This is the REAL thang

These were (hand-)sketches of wedding dresses for my best friend, Erma 
Her event was in the middle of this year, in June 2013
I made *this A4 CLUTCH PURSE* as a wedding gift and *this FABRIC HAND-BOUQUET* as her companion during her Nikah Solemnization at Masjid Terapung, Kuala Terengganu

And these were my renditions (in AI form) of my sketches.
We submitted these to the designer

          Erma pick no. 3 with a slight combination of no. 1

          Thus, this will be the 3rd PART of my Nostalgic Sketching - Adult Artwork. I am producing some more later in the future, do not know when will they appear bahaha. Do scroll over and click on any of my ":: DOODLES ::" for further products hehee

Till then darls~

Thursday, October 31, 2013

TIME MACHINE::PART II:: Nostalgic Sketching - Adolescence Artwork

And this was during my early adulthood (ok... I sounded pretty much "senior" right now lalala~), it was after my secondary school era till I hit college and university timeline. Well, due to the short span, I did not produce much sketch nor really store them, I was more into life-decision making all the time (ok... I am bluffing... did I? of course no... bahaha I was busy doing nothing). I sketch only when I am really into the mood of expressing my world of imagination back then. Rugi me~

 My room few years ago before we moved out to our place right now
FYI, this room and the house was on JALAN COCHRANE quarters in Kuala Lumpur that have been demolished by now for constructing MRT array huhu (we were among the last occupants on that piece of land... no more British-like houses where lots of door were installed in the house, missing that atmosphere *sigh*)

Yup as you guess, this is my left hand where I clenched into a cute fist and I sketch using the other hand
I am a right-handed, where most of art peeps are lefties, so I would definitely not considering myself as one of them, I am just a plain jane with hobby sketching hehee~ 

This was a rendition of one of my favourite art pieces submitted to my art teacher during school
What I did was flowers in "FLORA" block text. I did not really get the idea of why the teacher pat me on the back (he did not explain a thing) but I like my product too. =)

This was when I decided to turn my art piece into something-sewn.
Inspired by MJ military jacket, I rendered mine into a red velvet piece with black velvet epaulets all over! It was a fun project though I did not sport it in the public due to the prototype condition and I gained some weight bahaha (this is in XS size or size 2 i guess)

Cute isn't it? Do apologize for the torn upper epaulet... haha

Monday, October 28, 2013

TIME MACHINE::PART I:: Nostalgic Sketching - Childhood Artwork

Ok. Not too childhood, it was during tweenage and teenage era, to be exact! (there is no way I have ever store any of my childhood's artwork huhu)

I found these sketching in few places at home. Yep, I hoard things like these since I learnt how and where to store them. wuhuu. It reminds me of how reserved myself was, back then in those old days that subsequently resulting in me expressing my emotions through pencils, pens and papers. I used to be the only child for quite some time and prefer to swim in the ocean of books by myself. And, unfortunately, due to my not-so-sophisticated image back then, well, I did not blend well with the crowd. I would definitely say I am a late-bloomer. So there you go, those stationery were my best friend during school.

          I could not recall on what inspired me to sketch but I do sketch at a very young age. The strokes and style kept changing simultaneously with my age. I am posting a few of my artwork for you to reminisce your nostalgic memory during tween and teen (or perhaps you are experiencing these period this moment, this post will give you the idea what you will encounter in the future eiceh). Though, our experiences might not be the same,well at least it reminds you of how well you developed into what you are today. We as human are good in that. Well, I certainly do developed, I am more vocal and expressive these days with a lil' touch of aggressive-ness weee~

My family and my rendition of our then house

I remembered doodling a similar "Mini Roller Coaster" on someone's biography book

These were my signature during school
Hey... there is one in school baju kurung wuhuu~

I was an avid fan of Pilot's Gel Pen back then (note the different points used)
The only colored doodle character was a teacher whom I could not recall which one huhu
The big "Flowers in Flower" was a rendition of one of my artwork kept by my Art Teacher in school

There was one inspired by Anime

This was rendered using pencil

And I started to doodle fashion illustrations... well, it's a girl thing aite?
This one was on a normal A4 paper, it's crinkled so bad huhu

This piece was rendered in pencil colors and touched by brush and water

A friend used to say that she wanted the 1st doodle as her wedding gown. Unfortunately she's married now and I haven't got any chance to produce anyone's dress (yet) huhu

I wondered why did I left the other 2 not rendered in color? hmm...

A not-so-haute-couture pieces lalala~ (berangan je lebih)

          So these were all when I was about 14 - 17 years old during secondary school. More towards girl thang and stuff. Stay tuned for PART II and PART III. More to come wuhuu~

Friday, October 25, 2013

Aefa Aerisya's Customized Running Man A4 Clutch Purse

Hello peeps. Hello Aefa Aerisya.

It has a been a while since I sketch anything. Well, I am more in the mood to sew rather than sketch these few weeks back. I might as well need to replace my tagline from "A Hand-Sketch Enthusiast" to "A Sewing Enthusiast". ohoho. Frankly I am between these both, torn between'em. However I would ultimately regard myself as the predominant title. *wink wink*...

          Alright, BACK TO THE ENTRY, today I finalized a product for a customer from East Malaysia, Aefa from Memory Lane. She is an avid fan aka kipas-susah-nak-mati of Korean Entertainment Industry and of course, she requested me to sketch RM (Running Man team) on the product. Oh ya, she asked for an A4 Clutch Purse with a brilliantly creative idea of donning the RM concept of pulling the back name Velcro sticker tag.

          Well, if any of you watch Korean show occasionally or full-time, you will definitely digest what I have mentioned just now wuhuu (I doubt Malaysian would not know this... and to be honest, I may be the only Malaysian who does not watch Korean on TV a lot... err... I am not authorized to dominate the remote control at home, sedih... sigh~). Scroll down to know more about the product...

 The Running Man team on the go! 
(I recognized only 2 members here... Kim Jong Kook & HaHa wuhuuu well... not bad for me huh?~)

The front - all 8 members of RM

The back - this is the brilliant idea of Aefa's that I mentioned before!

See... the Velcro sticker! I am loving this concept.

Tadaa... a pull-out name tag of AEFA AERISYA's
(Aefa, the sticker is quite "strong" huhuhu you might have to apply a full force to pull it off~ just a friendly reminder ni)

A familiar cotton webbing & half metal ring

I am using red normal zipper & matching red stripes inner fabric

This is something new I incorporate (wow!) in sewing clutch purses
A wide matching pocket to store phones etc.

          I am about to Poslaju this baby in a few hours time! Watch out for your mail Aefa!!! wuhuu... Hoping so much you'll love this baby dearly~~~

**Status: ARRIVED on Monday, 28th Oct 2013**

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Hipster Faux Leather Clutch Purse!

Hello Again!
I am in the mood to sew things wuhuu! 

Apart from Clutch Purses that I made for Salina and Shabana,I made myself a gigantic Clutch Purse made out of faux leather purchased from Kamdar. So I named it "Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" as it spells chic-ness & hipster-ness as soon as you eye this baby. This is literally to replace my "Block, the Clutch" that aged and fray-ed due to everyday wear & tear. I thought of re-doing the whole precedent clutch but I ended up in destroying the shape! Thus, I hunt for fabric and discover the brown faux leather so I decided to make a huge Clutch Purse to hoard things along where ever I go tiheee~

"Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" - the front view, folded into 2
It is of 16" x 16" (non-folded)
And of 16" x 9" (folded)

"Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" - the not-so-side-view, folded into 2
I used a thick Khaki Cotton Webbing to fasten the clutch with 2 half metal rings

"Hipster, the Faux Leather Clutch Purse" - the front view, non-folded

So this is the "Separating Zipper" from "Block, the Clutch"

This is Me sporting "Hipster, the Clutch Purse" today.
I am also sporting a Camera-Necklace, a dear gift from my dear friend Syazwani from Si Arnab Gemok