Friday, June 28, 2013

Custom-Made Clutch Purse for Ila Sharani

Good Day Mate~

          As requested by a friend, Ila, here is her Clutch Purse (based on designs forwarded to me earlier)...

a pile of old-school Carte Postale...well in French of course!

technology ruins romance...yup, have no possible excuse to disagree with it

so this is the end product; the front

the back

 with half metal ring to cling some keychain on

with red stripe inner + red zipper

what? a second piece???'s a complimentary freebie for Ila; a keychain hiuhiu

          Hoping so so so much that Ila will love this piece dearly (kindly bear in mind that I am using my bare hand and will not, eventually, duplicate the image at a 100% degree; try my very best to sketch the exact same image with a slight "ini corak" error, hiuhiu, well, kata one-of-a-kind kenhhh).

          For ya out there, feel free to email me on requesting custom made clutch purse like this one (I will only produce after consultation on the given image; with no obscenity, no political-related, no racism-related, no copyright or trademark-related, etc. that kinda will offend anyone on our planet either way, please be kind to everyone and spread the love hun!yihaaa)