Monday, October 28, 2013

TIME MACHINE::PART I:: Nostalgic Sketching - Childhood Artwork

Ok. Not too childhood, it was during tweenage and teenage era, to be exact! (there is no way I have ever store any of my childhood's artwork huhu)

I found these sketching in few places at home. Yep, I hoard things like these since I learnt how and where to store them. wuhuu. It reminds me of how reserved myself was, back then in those old days that subsequently resulting in me expressing my emotions through pencils, pens and papers. I used to be the only child for quite some time and prefer to swim in the ocean of books by myself. And, unfortunately, due to my not-so-sophisticated image back then, well, I did not blend well with the crowd. I would definitely say I am a late-bloomer. So there you go, those stationery were my best friend during school.

          I could not recall on what inspired me to sketch but I do sketch at a very young age. The strokes and style kept changing simultaneously with my age. I am posting a few of my artwork for you to reminisce your nostalgic memory during tween and teen (or perhaps you are experiencing these period this moment, this post will give you the idea what you will encounter in the future eiceh). Though, our experiences might not be the same,well at least it reminds you of how well you developed into what you are today. We as human are good in that. Well, I certainly do developed, I am more vocal and expressive these days with a lil' touch of aggressive-ness weee~

My family and my rendition of our then house

I remembered doodling a similar "Mini Roller Coaster" on someone's biography book

These were my signature during school
Hey... there is one in school baju kurung wuhuu~

I was an avid fan of Pilot's Gel Pen back then (note the different points used)
The only colored doodle character was a teacher whom I could not recall which one huhu
The big "Flowers in Flower" was a rendition of one of my artwork kept by my Art Teacher in school

There was one inspired by Anime

This was rendered using pencil

And I started to doodle fashion illustrations... well, it's a girl thing aite?
This one was on a normal A4 paper, it's crinkled so bad huhu

This piece was rendered in pencil colors and touched by brush and water

A friend used to say that she wanted the 1st doodle as her wedding gown. Unfortunately she's married now and I haven't got any chance to produce anyone's dress (yet) huhu

I wondered why did I left the other 2 not rendered in color? hmm...

A not-so-haute-couture pieces lalala~ (berangan je lebih)

          So these were all when I was about 14 - 17 years old during secondary school. More towards girl thang and stuff. Stay tuned for PART II and PART III. More to come wuhuu~