Monday, May 27, 2013

A Hand-Sketch Wedding Gift

Hola peeps~

          Ok this is a special edition of the A4 Clutch Series...Life Printer, the Clutch (click here please~)...I made this into reality for my bestie who is going to be wedded in hmm...less than a week from now! There is a love-hate relationship going on with this piece as there are parts that mesmerize me with some other parts annoy me a lot huhu (sorry Baby~ hope you & WS like it!)

the sketching process...I'm in a quest of finding a very very fine fabric marker or pen to get small detailings done in the future - this is what annoys me along the way

the filling process - as you can see is a photo comes out of a printer...try to make it cute btw   la-lala~

the front

the back

the inner - note that I use red zipper to match it up with a red stripe lining...and Baby's watching hihi

so this is it...Life Printer, the Clutch

          Hoping demm much that both of them will love this small gift of mine to them~ can't wait this coming 1st of June...that's the keramat date...

          Btw, I'm heading to Kuala Terengganu for the whole week for Baby's reception in the wee hours this morning. Hiatussss again hihihi.

Till then, nite uols~