Saturday, May 11, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hola peeps~

          To be honest this is the first ever post of mine since I generated THE-BLOG dating back in 2010 (ya lame of me...when was that? like in T-rex period?...). There is a 3 years gap of hiatus since then, marking the inability of me, myself to have commitment in staying in doing any one thing at one time. Yup, I have issues with focusing and the fluctuation of my mood. wahaha. Fret not, I am not going to babble till the end of the world about my manner or what so ever (well, at least not for this time being kihkih). I am writing this first ever post to publish my long-last hobby...of SKETCHING!

sharpies at a total of rm40.50...(T_T)

 first clutch sketch --> Envelope, the Clutch  (forgetting of letting you peeps know that I made a clutch out of my sketch on drab fabric~)
the sexy back

 the front

the content (indicating the size of an A4 paper)

 the inner

          Oh, btw, I gave this piece to my bestie Erma aka Baby yesterday during our date to Jalan TAR to quest a few items for her big day, which is less than a month from today to be exact. Hope for the best for her and her beau on that day!XOXO