Friday, September 27, 2013

New Category Icon on "WALL OF FAME" Images

Hi peeps~

          I've been switching and replacing and changing and messed up (with html, css and javascript... they drive me nuts!) since few days back for my dear blog.

      First and foremost I changed the interface, then I keep replacing background every other minute (hahaha) to evaluate which suits the best in accentuating my new interface (or what-so-ever it is named). Every now and then, I noticed and agreed that white background successfully make any blog stands out, however, I am not very keen on using the same color as everyone else. But, in the end I just have to knuckle under my own perception and use the COLOR WHITE (duhh~).

       Then I've been mixing and messing up all the html coding into 3 hovering images in a row. I did it! (considering that I don't come from IT area, I was indeed a science student tihee). And as of this moment, I finalize the hovering effect with my AI-ed icons (see below for descriptions)...

For category of I sketch-ed and then I sew-ed into end-products

Only Sketching involved

Only Sewing involved

My Fav category; where I doodle-d faces

Free DIY Tutorials coming right up!

This is for items other than Sketching/Sewing/DIY-ing/Doodle-ing

          You might wanted to scroll between all images in pages of "WALL OF FAME" / "DOODLE" / "DIY" / "SOMETHING ELSE" to actually hunt for'em (clue: they are at the upper right corner of each image~).

Happy hunt-ing!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doodle-d Shane Austine for sharing me on her "SHARE ON SATURDAYS" session~~

I am the 1st, to be honest. huhu. cool!

          Hi Shane, so this is a token of appreciation for your generosity of featuring me at your dear blog and answering my silly questions (which ironically involves superhero and zoo visits wadehek bahaha)... so this is it (my OBIB version, I've sent Shane original version without watermarks and captions)...

This is her, Shane Austine from the Philippines

          Shane shared me on her "SHARE ON SATURDAYS" session and am so lucky to be the 1st, woot woot~ I am going to anticipate each Saturday afterwards to connect with a whole bunch of bloggers whole wide world. To you Bloggers out there, do leave your part at Shane's Share on Saturdays, aite peeps!


Doodle Me!


          This is me, on my latest post, returning to my beloved pencil-sketch. I am so loving my pencil-sketch ing every now and then (euwww... bragging lol) as I am still a beginner at  sketching with colors (i.e. markers). 

I reckon this was of 3 years ago... ehem, I meant the photo, the sketch was last night~

          If you guys notice, yup, that is my mark on the middle of my forehead, nope, it is not any acne, nor a mole nor a birthmark, yet, it was due to chickenpox' scar. Correctamundo, I had THE SCAR right on the middle of my projecting out forehead, haha, Malays will say "dahi jendol"~ What do you guys say bout this doodle? or even the scar if you wanted to~ tihehee

Lotsa Lav~

Friday, September 20, 2013

Doodling Tonite

Doodle. Doodle. Doodle.

          I am feeling down and devastated today so I opt to sketch few faces here on my new sketch book that i bought earlier at Popular bookstore. Well, sketch is indeed a therapy for me to express myself, as it is cheaper than consulting a psychologist or a support group yadayadayada huhu. 2013, is without a doubt, an extremely harsh and brutal year for me. Everything have to be in this year, repeat after me... EVERYTHING. I am hoping so much, that this 31st December 2013 will mark a new chapter in my life. I am praying for that. InsyaAllah. OK, fret not, here are my doodles...

literally this is me, though not exactly the same huhu I am still struggling with color

This is a good friend of mine, who, happened to be a blogger as well (let you guys know later)

... and this is my fav, a doodle of my bestie Erma. She's the best and I am not. wuuu~ (T_T)

          That is all for tonight. Anyhow, I found myself another sub-hobby... doodle-sketch. yeayyy~ am going to doodle some more tomorrow. I'll update you guys later aite!

Good night~


Monday, September 16, 2013

My 1st Ever Tutorial: How to Sew a Simple Clutch Purse


          I would like to share with all my beloved peeps on how to sew a SIMPLE CLUTCH PURSE.  It involves a very basic sewing techniques and procedure on planet earth thus suits a beginner or someone who never sew before!

First, you will need 2 pcs of fabric (choices of yours whether the same or different or whatsoever). Mine are red velvet & this painted drab (which I painted using affordable fabric paint bought at Popular Bookstore's stationery section *note:cheapskate*). 
Make it 30 cm x 21 cm (without seam allowances; so add some 2 cm each aite).
You also need bag string and 3 pcs of half metal rings.

Then, cut 3 pcs of bag strings (35-40 cm/6 cm/6 cm).
Insert one piece of 6 cm string into 1 half metal ring & fold'em.
Insert another piece of 6 cm string into 2 half metal rings & fold'em.

Iron this "Iron-on glued fabric paper" to the wrong side of outer fabric as shown. (Don't have any idea what is the real name of this material. All I know, I name it "Kertas Gam" bahaha). Make sure not to iron off the sticky part or you'll end up with sticking the material to your iron instead of the fabric lalala.
Place both fabric with the right sides facing each other as above.

Pin all along the dotted lines leaving a 6 cm gap (for turning the piece inside out later, the wider the better for newbies; please do not sew all around, or you'll cry later).
Place the string combination (with only 1 metal ring) in between the two fabrics at that point and pin it! (so you'll have to sew this string along later... kasi langgar je k)

Ok! Time to sew along those dotted lines (remember the gap). I usually sew back and forth at beginnings and endings to strengthen'em. Trim all unwanted allowances.
Also trim all 4 edges as shown for a cleaner look at the end.

Now, turn the piece inside out through the gap.

Here, with the inner fabric facing you, place the string combination (with 2 metal rings) & the longer string at the centre with the tiny string combi on top of the longer one (please be careful not to place the other way around!). 
Sew the square out! I mean... sew all along the square~
Fold the left end to the right side leaving a 10 cm space as shown (err... why need to re-pin? We've sewed all along already aite? haishhh clumsy me bahaha)
Sew both the folded edges creating a pocket in the middle.

How to fasten the string
#1 This is how the back side will look like
#2 Turn to the front side
#3 Place the longer string to the back
#4 Pull & insert the end into (both) metal rings and fasten'em
#5 Now insert the string end in between the metal rings
#6 Fasten'em!

Voila! Siap pun!

          Literally, mine was not that neat. haha. I'm blaming the machine. lalala~ Please leave a comment (or two) regarding my 1st ever tutorial. hiks~


Thursday, September 12, 2013

This is a Statement. Ila Sharani, is Indeed, My Regular Customer. woot woot~

Hi peeps. And hi Ila.

          So far, in records, Ila has successfully owned 3 products of OBIB which are the 1st "Technology Ruins Romance", the A4 Clutch Purse, a Maternity Cozy Pillow (refer Maternity Cozy Pillow#5) and as of today (well, I finalized the progress, haven't poslaju it yet wehuu).... tadaa.... a 2nd Clutch Purse she requested quite a while ago (lalala apologize for any inconveniences caused ye cik Ila). Ok, stop the rambling, this one is quite unique because it is slightly bigger than a normal A4 sized clutch purse that I produce in the plant (ok exaggerating sangat... mentang-mentang dahulukala menetap dalam kilang kan bahaha), it is of 350mm X 260mm. Take a look:

in case any of you peeps ask... it is the upper one, I use the other one to figure out the aesthetic of colors. see below:

a rainbow of sharpies 

kan dah kata... a cheapskate I am. I don't utilize those modern, exquisite tools to sketch or to hold on fabric while I do the sketch... bought those metal peg clips at DIY Aeon Big Maluri for RM 2.30 (6pcs though the packaging clearly printed out to be 8pcs...ya whatevur)

Yeayyy fell in lav with the back sketch! 

well, due to low quality of my phone camera... I scanned the end sketch as alternative to bad camera image... this is part of the back (tak muat scan the whole picture sbb scanner A4 sized lol)

          So, this is it... the finalized product #3 for Ila Sharani -->

The front - a brown haired dude holding his Lomo

The back - a bunch of Polaroid photos clipped on wooden string

The red zipper as always

The sweet romantic inner fabric (this is this fabric #3) with 2 side pockets to complete the whole scene

The metal half ring with hook for keychaining purposes- as always

          Hope Ila will lav this one also. Big sis to her previous clutch purse, wehuuu~

Till then!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Up-Close Peek on My Fav London-Inspired Sketching

Hello All!

          Had a feeling on this kinda urge on publishing an up-close peeks on my fav London-Inspired Sketching. Well lav'em to bits till I'm thinking of not giving it away...bahaha tamak haloba ye rakan-rakan!

my favs

The classic telephone booth

Big Ben with detailings (woops hit by a bus on the upper part huhu)

London Iconic bus (with upper part of Big Ben of course hihi)

Welsh Guard on duty with rosy cheeks in sweet. comel jek~

Last one... London Eye with gigantic balloons (well I accidentally scribbled a micro paint of red on that part (refer prev post to find out where on earth that mark was) where i end up with balloons to make it some kind of romantic woohoo...naseb baik!!!)


Friday, September 6, 2013

A Custom-Made B-day Prezzie for Erma's Sis-in-Law

Hallu guys, been almost a month since last post. yep been a sloth recently. what-to-do.

          So, haven't done so much during this hiatus period unless another shy Maternity Pillow for Erma, nope "belom ada isi yet", just a precaution olalala~... 

          This is another custom-made Clutch Purse upon Erma's request for her SIL's B-day. So, she gave me a "curik" photo from the SIL's facebook, well, during her visit to London last month I reckon. And I tried my best to sketch almost 80% of the exact photo and Erma let me hat on my thinking cap to come out with some London-inspired sketch on the back (well, of course the SIL went there trololol) here it is...

This is the SIL on a bus in London, exploring London...'s guide brochure hehee

The 1st process of sketching... hey do you notice somebody here... "Hi I'm Mini Zoo...remember me?"

This is my 90% exact sketch...always love my pencil-sketches *self-proclaimed lagi*

The 2nd process...filling in color where the percentage drops to 80%...sigh... how I wish I could do better with colors~

Ideas for the back of the clutch purse - London-inspired icons

Some more....

... and some more... my fav are the iconic Telephone booth + the bus + Big Ben!

Yeayyy! Fin! The SIL exploring London guide brochure on the front

All London icons on the back - the classic telephone booth, Harrods, "Underground" tube, Welsh Guard, a black umbrella, London Bus, London Eye, "Would'ya have some tea darling?" set of teapot and teacup, iconic hat, and Big Ben! phewww....banyak!

A chili red zipper and inner fabric (this is this fabric the no. 1)

Erma requested a double pockets for smartphones yadayadayada. hiks.

Hope Erma and her SIL will love this surprise.

Till then! emuahhh~