Monday, August 12, 2013

A Really Quick Post!!!

Yup. You read it right. A 2nd quick post (do refer to all posts if you wish to explore which was the 1st tihee).

What do you guys think of these. Aren't they cute? pyjama-like cotton for future clutch purse inner fabric. haishhh...adorable tau! Bought'em today at Nagoya's (Aeon Big Wangsamaju) for RM6.00/m. A cheapskate I am, yup, positive bout that, la-lala~

1. red + orange + white
2. navy blue + ocean blue + white
3. brown + baby blue + pink + white

Friday, August 9, 2013

An Organizer for My Scattered-All-Over-the-Place Sharpies+ RAYA MODE is On!

Ok. What a long title up there.

Fret not, no babbling this is what I made few days back right before the Eid's eve ... a "Mini Zoo for My Sharpies" in order to organize all 50 pieces of my sharpies here and there (well, these are the one still intact and currently in use...I literally have more than these madness to be frank)...

"Mini Zoo for My Sharpies"

a bird's eye view

the fastener system + the bag string

the half metal ring with hook for key chain-ing

the beginning of road not taken.ehem. 

half way rolled up - zebra!

half way rolled up - lion! roarrr~

the outer body - the Mini Zoo

a fastened "Mini Zoo for My Sharpies"

          Well, it is Raya (Eid's) mode in Malaysia and all over the planet for muslims... I am feasting on food in the mo'. weehuu. Here are some photos from my hometown somewhere in Sungai Lang Tengah, Banting, Selangor, Malaysia of course. Very kampung-styled atmosphere. Am waiting for tomorrow's shot. I'll update you guys later. Muahhh~

a humongous rooster - uncle estimated this dude to be about 3.5kg if we are to slaughter him. ehem. not right now. you are safe. thank you. sekian.

see his thighs and body! i never seen this size in my whole life... and there he is... at my hometown~

bunny in the houz - not to be eaten, this one is a pet that behaves more like a cat than a bunny

so this is the "tomorrow's shot" with all grown-up cuzzies

this was then (one of us is missing here. m.i.a.)

never thought this is how we look right now.hihi.