Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Other 2+1 Sketch Therapy Products coming right up!


          So, these are the latter products I've mentioned in the previous post. 2 different size Clutch Purses and 1 customized tote bag!

          This bunch of friends were requested by a family of a very good friend of mine --> - which include her (1 tote bag + 1 IP cover) & her 3 lil cuzzies; Dak Ya (1 Phone cover - still in stitching progress), Dak Mok ("Poison Cupcakes by the Kittie") and Dak Cot ("Inspired by Ms Swift"). And here are the photos (of finished products)..." Tote Bag - the front

 the back with visible stitching

the inside view

the cutesie pockets to store her IP and vital belongings ohoys

"Poison Cupcakes by the Kittie" for her cuz, Dak Mok - the front

the back

the inner with red zipper

"Inspired by Ms Swift" for Dak Cot --- not a 100% though, this is the most trickiest part of all

the back - Running Man team on the go!

the inner with lavly purple zipper~

          Well, there are another 2 phone covers in the progress (the sketches are done, the stitching are otw). Wait for us, soon, very soon!

Hope, so much they will lav all of these!