Friday, July 26, 2013

Too Happy to Place a Post Title Here~

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!

          I am done with these 2 beauties! words can describe how happy and relieved am I....lalalalalalal I somehow feels like singing a Buble's song right now! Wuhuuu....

          Ok... ok....back on earth. ehemmm. These, by far, are the most challenging, complicated and delicate products that i have ever yield! Am extremely proud of'em! So here are the remaining 2 items from my previous post which are both Phone Canvas Cases...

"Vintage Rabbits, here and there", the IP Canvas Case

the back - Runaway Rabbits

the front - with a slight "Peek-a-boo" pocket

to store small accessories just in case

"Cats, here and there", the Samsung Phone Canvas Case

the back - cats cats cats....meouwwww~ 

the front - "I just want to hug every person in the world"
isn't it sweet~

the inner of both of'em- elegant velvet-y fabric~yummm

          Yeayyy! too happy to describe myself right now...wahahahah~

Night all~