Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doodle-d Shane Austine for sharing me on her "SHARE ON SATURDAYS" session~~

I am the 1st, to be honest. huhu. cool!

          Hi Shane, so this is a token of appreciation for your generosity of featuring me at your dear blog and answering my silly questions (which ironically involves superhero and zoo visits wadehek bahaha)... so this is it (my OBIB version, I've sent Shane original version without watermarks and captions)...

This is her, Shane Austine from the Philippines

          Shane shared me on her "SHARE ON SATURDAYS" session and am so lucky to be the 1st, woot woot~ I am going to anticipate each Saturday afterwards to connect with a whole bunch of bloggers whole wide world. To you Bloggers out there, do leave your part at Shane's Share on Saturdays, aite peeps!