Monday, September 16, 2013

My 1st Ever Tutorial: How to Sew a Simple Clutch Purse


          I would like to share with all my beloved peeps on how to sew a SIMPLE CLUTCH PURSE.  It involves a very basic sewing techniques and procedure on planet earth thus suits a beginner or someone who never sew before!

First, you will need 2 pcs of fabric (choices of yours whether the same or different or whatsoever). Mine are red velvet & this painted drab (which I painted using affordable fabric paint bought at Popular Bookstore's stationery section *note:cheapskate*). 
Make it 30 cm x 21 cm (without seam allowances; so add some 2 cm each aite).
You also need bag string and 3 pcs of half metal rings.

Then, cut 3 pcs of bag strings (35-40 cm/6 cm/6 cm).
Insert one piece of 6 cm string into 1 half metal ring & fold'em.
Insert another piece of 6 cm string into 2 half metal rings & fold'em.

Iron this "Iron-on glued fabric paper" to the wrong side of outer fabric as shown. (Don't have any idea what is the real name of this material. All I know, I name it "Kertas Gam" bahaha). Make sure not to iron off the sticky part or you'll end up with sticking the material to your iron instead of the fabric lalala.
Place both fabric with the right sides facing each other as above.

Pin all along the dotted lines leaving a 6 cm gap (for turning the piece inside out later, the wider the better for newbies; please do not sew all around, or you'll cry later).
Place the string combination (with only 1 metal ring) in between the two fabrics at that point and pin it! (so you'll have to sew this string along later... kasi langgar je k)

Ok! Time to sew along those dotted lines (remember the gap). I usually sew back and forth at beginnings and endings to strengthen'em. Trim all unwanted allowances.
Also trim all 4 edges as shown for a cleaner look at the end.

Now, turn the piece inside out through the gap.

Here, with the inner fabric facing you, place the string combination (with 2 metal rings) & the longer string at the centre with the tiny string combi on top of the longer one (please be careful not to place the other way around!). 
Sew the square out! I mean... sew all along the square~
Fold the left end to the right side leaving a 10 cm space as shown (err... why need to re-pin? We've sewed all along already aite? haishhh clumsy me bahaha)
Sew both the folded edges creating a pocket in the middle.

How to fasten the string
#1 This is how the back side will look like
#2 Turn to the front side
#3 Place the longer string to the back
#4 Pull & insert the end into (both) metal rings and fasten'em
#5 Now insert the string end in between the metal rings
#6 Fasten'em!

Voila! Siap pun!

          Literally, mine was not that neat. haha. I'm blaming the machine. lalala~ Please leave a comment (or two) regarding my 1st ever tutorial. hiks~