Friday, September 27, 2013

New Category Icon on "WALL OF FAME" Images

Hi peeps~

          I've been switching and replacing and changing and messed up (with html, css and javascript... they drive me nuts!) since few days back for my dear blog.

      First and foremost I changed the interface, then I keep replacing background every other minute (hahaha) to evaluate which suits the best in accentuating my new interface (or what-so-ever it is named). Every now and then, I noticed and agreed that white background successfully make any blog stands out, however, I am not very keen on using the same color as everyone else. But, in the end I just have to knuckle under my own perception and use the COLOR WHITE (duhh~).

       Then I've been mixing and messing up all the html coding into 3 hovering images in a row. I did it! (considering that I don't come from IT area, I was indeed a science student tihee). And as of this moment, I finalize the hovering effect with my AI-ed icons (see below for descriptions)...

For category of I sketch-ed and then I sew-ed into end-products

Only Sketching involved

Only Sewing involved

My Fav category; where I doodle-d faces

Free DIY Tutorials coming right up!

This is for items other than Sketching/Sewing/DIY-ing/Doodle-ing

          You might wanted to scroll between all images in pages of "WALL OF FAME" / "DOODLE" / "DIY" / "SOMETHING ELSE" to actually hunt for'em (clue: they are at the upper right corner of each image~).

Happy hunt-ing!!!