Friday, September 20, 2013

Doodling Tonite

Doodle. Doodle. Doodle.

          I am feeling down and devastated today so I opt to sketch few faces here on my new sketch book that i bought earlier at Popular bookstore. Well, sketch is indeed a therapy for me to express myself, as it is cheaper than consulting a psychologist or a support group yadayadayada huhu. 2013, is without a doubt, an extremely harsh and brutal year for me. Everything have to be in this year, repeat after me... EVERYTHING. I am hoping so much, that this 31st December 2013 will mark a new chapter in my life. I am praying for that. InsyaAllah. OK, fret not, here are my doodles...

literally this is me, though not exactly the same huhu I am still struggling with color

This is a good friend of mine, who, happened to be a blogger as well (let you guys know later)

... and this is my fav, a doodle of my bestie Erma. She's the best and I am not. wuuu~ (T_T)

          That is all for tonight. Anyhow, I found myself another sub-hobby... doodle-sketch. yeayyy~ am going to doodle some more tomorrow. I'll update you guys later aite!

Good night~