Thursday, October 31, 2013

TIME MACHINE::PART II:: Nostalgic Sketching - Adolescence Artwork

And this was during my early adulthood (ok... I sounded pretty much "senior" right now lalala~), it was after my secondary school era till I hit college and university timeline. Well, due to the short span, I did not produce much sketch nor really store them, I was more into life-decision making all the time (ok... I am bluffing... did I? of course no... bahaha I was busy doing nothing). I sketch only when I am really into the mood of expressing my world of imagination back then. Rugi me~

 My room few years ago before we moved out to our place right now
FYI, this room and the house was on JALAN COCHRANE quarters in Kuala Lumpur that have been demolished by now for constructing MRT array huhu (we were among the last occupants on that piece of land... no more British-like houses where lots of door were installed in the house, missing that atmosphere *sigh*)

Yup as you guess, this is my left hand where I clenched into a cute fist and I sketch using the other hand
I am a right-handed, where most of art peeps are lefties, so I would definitely not considering myself as one of them, I am just a plain jane with hobby sketching hehee~ 

This was a rendition of one of my favourite art pieces submitted to my art teacher during school
What I did was flowers in "FLORA" block text. I did not really get the idea of why the teacher pat me on the back (he did not explain a thing) but I like my product too. =)

This was when I decided to turn my art piece into something-sewn.
Inspired by MJ military jacket, I rendered mine into a red velvet piece with black velvet epaulets all over! It was a fun project though I did not sport it in the public due to the prototype condition and I gained some weight bahaha (this is in XS size or size 2 i guess)

Cute isn't it? Do apologize for the torn upper epaulet... haha