Saturday, November 2, 2013

TIME MACHINE::PART III:: Nostalgic Sketching - Adult Artwork

I noticed that I sketch less these days. Might be due to of real-life-work that we all human require to survive our everyday breath. wow what an excuse. However, because my real-life-job does not relate at all to my sketching hobby, it do takes a toll on my numbers of pieces and the quality. hmm, what-to-do... bahaha. Fret not, I do produce once in a while once I am in the mood or inspired by something and most all all, ONCE I AM IN BOREDOM~

 A classic one-hole paper puncher found at a government's office where I spent less than 2 months part-timing as an N17 before. 

During the same period, once I hit the boredom bell.
I do believe that is a Nivea lotion bottle huhu

One of my favourites  - a Staple

Another fav - my old mini 1GB thumbdrive I bought during Uni years 
The upper animated character relates to my field, if you could guess'em lalala~

This is the REAL thang

These were (hand-)sketches of wedding dresses for my best friend, Erma 
Her event was in the middle of this year, in June 2013
I made *this A4 CLUTCH PURSE* as a wedding gift and *this FABRIC HAND-BOUQUET* as her companion during her Nikah Solemnization at Masjid Terapung, Kuala Terengganu

And these were my renditions (in AI form) of my sketches.
We submitted these to the designer

          Erma pick no. 3 with a slight combination of no. 1

          Thus, this will be the 3rd PART of my Nostalgic Sketching - Adult Artwork. I am producing some more later in the future, do not know when will they appear bahaha. Do scroll over and click on any of my ":: DOODLES ::" for further products hehee

Till then darls~