Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maternity Cozy Pillow

Bidan Terjun.period.

Hi guys,

          This is something that I don't actually sew, however, due to a request from a neighbour, I made this Maternity Cozy Pillow for her (to help her sleep well at night, well, she's 6 months preggar btw, with a 3rd child, having too much of back pain & what-so-ever at night, poor her, I will never understand any of these, well, not yet~). I never sew something this big before (actually...I never heard of it before wahaha), so it is quite a challenge to start measuring something huge. And also quite a challenge to fill in the fillings of almost 3 normal sized bed pillows into it, phewww. Finally...

this is it...with a purplish flowery front & vibrant pink on the back

          Done in 2 days (giving that, all materials are in place). Well, I need to re-measure this pillow for later request as the back width is kinda too small to place mommy's back against it. But love the front appendages (I just don't know what to call these thingies hahaha) where it is just too comfy to place your face on it (well of course I tested it first, and ended up almost slept on it la-lala~).
          I am now working on the 2nd piece of this pillow for my neighbour's friend. Hoping for better and better end products! Ganbatte neh!

p/s: I produce on request and ONLY for COD at certain pickup points.
Till then, toodles~