Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A4, the Clutch Series

Well, finally.

          These are my babies! Wouldn't you just adore the minimalistic features that they carry. The first of the series was Envelope, the Clutch, and these are the other 3 sisters~

 So this was the first step : sketching on drab fabric with le sharpies

1. Audrey, the Clutch
(inspired by infamous primadonna pose; Audrey Hepburn's)

2. Demo Tape, the Clutch
(80s babies will definitely get my point! =p)

3. bi-Polaroid, the Clutch
(inspired by a Polaroid Supercolor. Love this the most!)

          Doing this series was a whole lots of fun and imagination came along quite astonishingly (wow!). I just bear in  mind...*think of something classic, your childhood memories yadayadayada*...and poofff~it became coco nope...A4, the Clutch Series!yihaaaa~

 *do the Tuzki bunny dance*

          I am thinking of producing some more with a certain number for each design and market it off...perhaps etsy, I don't know, well it do sound cool to me. What do you think? I might kick start real soon after I go and hunt down the raw materials for this series (and maybe, other series as well?).

          Before I hit the publish button, well here's another photos of this series. Till then, toodles~