Friday, October 11, 2013

My Fav Stores' Awesome Materials

Tagline : A CHEAPSKATE I AM!!!

          To be honest, I have been hoarding (raw) materials ever since few years back from a number of stores that I deemed my favorites. To name, they are NAGOYA, KAMDAR and TEWAH (for fabric section), DAISO (for a humongous diversity of miscellaneous materials), BUNGA RIBEN (for you-have-no-idea-these-things-even-exist sewing supplies) and POPULAR BOOKSTORE (i.e. the stationery section). And frankly, all these madness do occupy the whole house, yup, there are these in the store room, those at the hall, this in my room, that under the sewing machine table... you name it. And all of a sudden, I decided to carefully store them all in one place, or to be precise... in 2 storage boxes!

          Before we scroll over the photos of those madness-turned-into-sweetness, let me briefly tell you on why I considered the mentioned stores my favs (refer to the TAGLINE). So, due to my stingy-ness habit (bahaha), I used to wander around looking for the best materials with the cheapest price in town. Thus I chose those stores for money value as well as the quality. Here, I'll explain to you section by section:


          I love Nagoya and Kamdar for their diversity and I love Tewah for their designs (and also their REMNANTS!)

A bird's eye view - (today's) folded fabrics in a storage box

There are linen, fleece, cotton, polyester, canvas, drab, velvet and a few that I can't figure out the material

... and these are my babies... REMNANTS fabric from Tewah
incredibly cheap and definitely a "pisang goreng panas!"


          My sewing supplies only come from BUNGA RIBEN Jalan TAR (unless in emergency cases, then, anywhere also can what~). What I love about this store, is when you buy in bulk, or at least you buy in a number of quantity, the cashier will deduct few ringgit from each item and voila, you do save some money at the end of the day!

 As you can see, there are normal zippers of all inches, metal zippers, cotton webbing, lace, chemical lace (not in picture), velcro stickers of all inches and colors and also half metal rings


          The most purchased materials from this section will definitely be my Sharpies supply, fabric paint, brushes, and some other items such as sketch book and stuff. I will always head to Popular bookstore as they offer you not only books but a wide range of stationery. Though Sharpies will always cost the same anywhere else in the nation, Popular bookstore do store every color from its range. I have never found (yet) any other place that displays all those range of colors. So I am opting this store for Sharpies. And that is how I found some other affordable items at the same time. Oh, you might also want to get their (once in a lifetime fee) membership card so you will always eligible to pay less on tonnes of item.

These are ink-less Sharpies after I drank'em bahaha
And the fabric paint that I used to make this and this


          Daiso is definitely the best store in town for items that you will never ever expect to exist on planet earth. Thanks to the Japanese we have the store to wander and dawdle in hours for items at RM5 each! 

There are the polyester fillings, polyester fabric, vinyl chloride fabric, DIY press button, tiny rotary cutter and felt fabric
Even my mom do purchase stuff here!

So these are the madness-turned-into-sweetness where I store all non-fabric items (an exceptional for remnants and felt; as there is no more space in the fabric box)

          Though they might not appear to be very ease on the eye, well, at least it is organized and I don't receive any complaints no more. bahaha.